Hello, my name is Costin Finetto and I entered the online world in 2019 after a trip to America with my father. Seeing all the well-being and wealth present in places like Miami Beach and Beverly Hills, I decided to pursue the American dream. I was fortunate to overhear my father on the phone talking about investments and a world where you could multiply your money. Immediately, I imagined all the money I could earn, the cars I could buy, and the luxury I could live in.


However, I had to face reality and found myself searching online for how to best learn this business. I spent a lot of money on courses promising extravagant profits and wasted time looking for shortcuts instead of investing in myself. This left me spinning my wheels for 8 months. I watched the market every minute for about 12 hours a day and woke up at night to monitor positions that obviously went wrong. The stress was extremely high, but since I made the decision to commit 100%, everything has changed.


I started following professional paths, documenting my operations, and continuing to study the market. Over time, the first results started to come, and things began to turn in my favor. I gave up everything that was certain and secure to make this my main activity. My desire for success was sky-high and still is, in fact, it keeps rising day by day.


Throughout these years, I have learned that the greatest teacher is and always will be the market. I have transitioned from chasing money and luxury to doing so in order to secure a better life for myself and my family, to whom I owe everything. I haven't received help or advantages compared to others. If you don't give everything you have, you won't go far, and you'll waste time and money for nothing. Now, I consider myself financially independent and travel the world at my leisure while pursuing my endeavors and striving to provide the best information to everyone who turns to me. I love what I do, and I hope to convey and improve the lives of as many people as possible.

If, like me, you are fascinated by the world of trading, I would like to share with you a precious treasure that is changing the way many people trade: my ebook. Discover my personal trading style that has led to extraordinary results and improved the chart awareness of many.